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At Lou's, we know fertilizing is critical for a healthy lawn, but who says it has to be complicated? 

Here are some reasons why we believe our program is great

1. We have gone to school on how to best fertilize in the Midwest/Chicago area. Many companies don't truly understand a lawns nutrition.   

2. We use industrial grade granules, which we feel are better than liquid chemical. Granules are time released, and we believe they are more effective and better for the environment. 

3. Another advantage to granules is the home owner knows where it was spread, because they can see the granules with their own eyes. When a spray company comes, the home owner often has no idea if the liquid has been applied. Liquid fertilizing companies are notorious for skipping entire areas, yards, or entire homes.  

4. We know your yard because we are there cutting it each week. Plus, it's optimum to fertilize right after a lawn cut.    

5. We know the exact 5 times a year the Chicago/Midwest lawns should be fertilized. Here is our schedule-   

  • Last week of March/first week of April: Crabgrass/Dandelion/Weed Pre-Emergent & Spring Food Starter. 

  • First week of May: Spring Weed & Feed 

  • Third week of June: Grub Control Plus Fertilizer 

  • Early - Mid September: Straight Fertilizer 

  • Mid - October - Winterizer Feed 


                                                             Here are a couple pictures of our backyard.

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